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Handstands & the Rest

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Learn to Handstand

Learn the basics on how to stand on your hands upside down.

Head Position in Handstands
Handstands Happen in the shoulders
Limiting Points - Wall Handstand
Never train back to wall
How to Prepare for your First Handstand
Getting over the Fear of Handstands
Handstands & Tight Shoulders
Chest to Wall Handstand Mistakes
Do you need to be flexible to learn to handstand?!
Getting Started with Handstands at home
Components of the Handstand
Best Wall Handstand Drills
The Perfect Warm Up before Handstands
2 types of hs athletes
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Freestanding Handstands

Take your handstand off the wall and enjoy full upside down control.

3 Limiting Points - Handstand Endurance
Control - Do not balance
Why you should stick to the wall
The 3 Reasons why you can't handstand without the wall
Tuck Up VS. Swing Up
External Rotation in Handstands
Hips & Lower Back Engagement in the Press/Tuck/L
How Balance & Control Works in the Handstands
Straddle Handstand - Middle Split VS. Pancake
Overview of Handstand Entries
How to Box Tuck
How to Tuck Handstand
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One Arm Handstands

From your first weight shift to advanced One Arm shapes. Welcome to paradise.

How to One Arm Handstand
Side Bends and One Arm Handstands
One Arm Handstand Building Blocks
One Arm Handstands - First Steps
Narrow Handstands - An essential progression towards the one arm handstand
Stretched Out Fingertips Handstand
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Calisthenics - Getting Started

The world of gymnastics strength is endless. Tomorrow is now!

Cardio and calisthenics
Why form & Technique matters in Calisthenics
Calisthenics and Bands
Get your first Leg Lift
First Pull Up - Essential Tips
How to L Sit
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Calisthenics Skills

Don’t just build super human strenght but learn the skills to use your power and impress!

How to Mexican Handstand
How to Handstand Walk
Benefits of Training Handstand Walks
Muscle Up - Push or Pull?
How to Bar Muscle Up
How to One Arm Elbow Lever
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Press to Handstand

The most popular bodyweight goal made simple. Presses for everyone.

How to Press to Handstand
Free Gains - Press to Handstand
How to Puppy Press
Leg Lifts & Press to Handstand
How to Stalder Press to Handstand - The Long Straddle Press
Stalder VS L Sit Press to Handstand
5 Biggest Press to Handstand Mistakes
Carry over between Stalders & Planches
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Cranes, tuck planches, planche push ups and next level goals. Let’s get to work!

Carry over between Stalders & Planches
Crow VS. Crane
Measure your Tuck Planche Progress
How to Tuck Planche - The Ultimate Guide
Tuck Planche VS Advanced Tuck Planche
Carry over between Stalders & Planches
Measure your Tuck Planche Progress
How to Tuck Planche - The Ultimate Guide
Tuck Planche VS Advanced Tuck Planche
Crow VS. Crane
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Handstand Push Up

The bodyweight equivalent of the shoulder press. Get big, strong and improve handstand control.

Handstand Push Up Plateau Breakers
How to Handstand Push Up
Arched back in the Handstand Push Up
Build your own HSPU Routine
Handstand Push Up - Floor VS. Parallettes
Limiting Points in the Handstand Push Up
Crow VS. Crane
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Create the foundation of movement and increase your quality of life.

Why you are not getting more flexible
How to Hamstring Stretch
Bent Knees in the Middle Split
Golden Rules of Back Bending
"Pancake VS Middle Split"
How to Get Flexible
Middle Split Swimmer - The Ultimate Guide
Make flexibility training 12% more effective
5 Types of Flexibility Training - Find what is right for you
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Mindset | Lifestyle

Get motivated not just to build the ultimate routine at the gym but your best life all over!

Why I became Coach Bachmann
No such things as Luck when it comes to Handstands
Strength is confidence. Confidence is strength
About Coach Bachmann
How to achieve any goal - no matter how ambitious
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Health | Recovery

Health is the foundation of life. The better you feel the harder you can train!

Wrist pain caused by inflammation
Deload weeks and why you probably do not need them
How to Train Handstands without Wrist Pain
Shoulder Prehab Best Practice
Gymnastics Hand Blisters - How to Heal Rips Fast
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