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Measure your Tuck Planche

Planche progress is usually slow and sometimes discouraging as you can not properly track your progress. The problem is that if I as a coach would come in 1 every 4 weeks to watch you train I would most likely see tremendous improvements. The problem is that you are inside the gym with yourself in every session. You are making tiny micro gains every week but just like you can not watch your hair grow you are unable to see your planche progress.

Measure your progress

A great way of not just measuring your progress but even scaling your planche difficulty is by using books, yoga blocks or really anything else that can elevate your hands off the floor.

Start as high as you need in order to get your feet off the floor. Then over time work your way down to the floor. Remove books or yoga blocks until your hands are on the floor.

If you want to challenge yourself even further you can take those removed books and add them underneath your knees to force you into more compression and to lift the legs higher.

Take in account that you are building strength here. This will take time. Tuck planche strength does not develop over night. Building muscle, joint and tendon resistance is a slow anatomical process. Don’t try to rush it!

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