Happy Cardio!

Training Program

Here is your full workout as an overview. This overview includes name, reps, short cue  and if you expand (“+”) you’ll also see a quick demo of the movement. To access the full tutorial just click on the exercise name & a screen will pop up on top with long description & how-to. Enjoy! 

Handstand HIIT

2 rounds of:
(Hip opener & Runners Stretch. First round do these on the left side, second round on the right.)

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
High Knees // SPRINT40secLight on the toes, knees as high as possible. Posterior pelvic tilt. Go fast and get your your heart rate up!
Wall Walks3xScapular elevated at all times. Look at hands at all times. Walk as close as possible to the wall. Do not allow your stomach to touch the wall. Feet only!
Half Superman6x each sideKnees & elbows locked. Lengthen spine as much as possible. Head in neutral position! Don't just lift up but also away from your center.
Hip Opener8xBoth feet pointed. While pushing hips back simoutaniously push chest towards the floor
Box Tuck Walk4xMake sure your box is high enough so your lower back does not round in the tuck position. Better use a box too high than too low!
Tuck on Back4xPush out tall, keep your lower back on the floor at all times! Look at your hands. Keep your knees together and the feet on the same distance to the floor throughout the whole movement!
Runners Stretch40secHips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Back is straight/ sligthly arched. Anterior pelvic tilt! Hips over back knee. Front knee is locked
L Handstand Shrugs10xPlace your feet on a box, table or chair. Look at your hands. Elbows locked. Hands, shoulders and hips in 1 vertical line. Slowly sink into your shoulders and push back out tall!
V-Up Combi4xLeft, Right, Both, Both = 1 Rep. Knees locked, back straight!
Active Sphinx20secPush arms into floor. Lower stomach stays on floor. Use back muscles ro raise and pull head back. Shoulders down!

Post Workout Stretches

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Wide Half Split Arched20sec each sideKeep your hips and shoulders squared. Posterior pelvic tilt. The front heel is sligthly infront of the front knee.
Kneeling Side Bends5x each sideHips locked in place. Core engaged. Arms by ears. Shoulders down.

You made it!

You’ve reached the end of this workout. Great job for showing up and getting closer to reaching your goals. Now go rest, relax and enjoy your time off.

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