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Thanks for taking part in our flexibility workshop the other day! To make sure you have all you need to continue your practice, I created an easy to follow program for you. This program contains the most important bits of what we have covered during our workshop. However, if you are left with any questions feel free to reach out to me and my team.

Happy training & stay healthy,
Coach Bachmann aka Sascha

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What can you expect?

The goal is to safely increase your range of motion in split positions as well as in your backbend. Week by week you should feel how you gain more awareness in these position and can get a litte deeper without compromising quality. 

How does it work?

  • You can do the leg program up to 6 weeks & back bend program every 2nd day.
  • It consists of two easy to follow routines (back & splits)
  • Schedule at least one rest day into your week.
  • Modify any exercise or number of reps if too easy or too hard.

Need feedback?

Any time you are training feel free to tag @coachbachmann on instagram to receive some pointers & feedback. 

Had a breakthrough? Let us know! We love hearing and celebrating all the successes. Shoot us a message using the form below (photos & videos are always welcome) 🙂 

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