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What's Next?!

Congrats on finishing your first class!

Hey there!

So you’ve joined one of my workshops, then worked out using the program..and now the question is what’s next and how to really achieve the next level?

What’s important when it comes to skill training is getting a coach! A coach who will be there for you and only you to

  • Give you tailored programming and cues
  • Notice and keep bad habits from creeping in
  • To keep you accountable to yourself and your potential

If you got access to a coach in person – great! Go for it, have her or him spot you and keep nailing these skills. No better way than to train in person.
But the next best thing is online coaching, which we do offer. What I will do is check on you, be there for any questions or pep talks and give your regular feedback and a give you a great custom program that grows and changes with you as you get better and better.

So let’s talk about the details.

How it works

Online Coaching is almost as straightforward as in person coaching.  It is all about you, and helping you achieve your goals, like the one arm handstand.

We either offer 3 or 6 month packages. This way we can actually provide tangible results.

Step 1

First step is to create your perfect and individual coaching package from the components we offer: Handstand, Straps, Flexibility, Strength & Conditioning, Diet Coaching, Act & Performance development.

Step 2

After telling us more about you, your time availability and injury history you will be send a list of exercises to list and create a baseline from which we can work from. We’ll also have a short video chat or call to discuss things a bit further and just to say hi!

Step 3

About a week after going through the assessments you’ll have a ready made program that comes as a convenient online version as well as a PDF for on the go.

Step 4

Time to show up and do the work. Keep training hard and follow the program you’ve been giving. Talk to us if it’s too easy or too hard, if you have questions or just need a lil pep talk (to kick in the butt) because we all do sometimes.
Our conversations will take place via our private coaching IG 🙂

Step 5

Weekly form checks via video submissions and constant program adjustments are what you can expect and how we’ll keep things interesting and fun. And most of all, this is how you will receive the coaching you need to stop falling out of your handstands and progress.

Interested? Shoot us a message using the contact form below!
Looking forward to have you on board! Keep training & happy hardstanding

Let's get started!

And get you smashing those skills!

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