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Back Flexibility

Remember always warm-up well. Ideally do any cardiovascular activity to break a light sweat before doing any flexibility work! And don’t forget: Form over depth! 

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Hamstring Bridges1set á 15repsUse number in rep section not the one in the video. Keep feet flat on the ground & lift as high as you can.
Bent Knee Windshield Wipers1set á 10repsUse rep count in description not in video. Keep toes pointed on the ground & knees in line with each other
External Rotations1set á 10each sideUse reps in description & not on video. Focus on engaging glutes and keeping back straight
Half Snow Angels - Upper Body1x 5each sideFocus on opening the spine
Y to W Raises1set á 10 repsUse reps in description not on video. Keeping back fully engaged whole time
Cobra1set á 10 repsTry to use arms as little as possible/only as much as necessary
Bent Knee Cobra1set á 10repsBack and legs go up at the same time
Half Knee Bridge wall walks1set á 5repsWalk down as far as you can. Hips stay over knees!
Bridges from Floor1set á 5repsWeight split evenly across arms and legs. Belly button should be highest point.
Upper Body Lifts1set á 10reps
Lower Body Lifts1set á 10 reps

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