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Saturday - La Grande Finale

Here is your full workout for today. This overview includes name, reps, and most important cues. IMPORTANT!!  To see the video click the (“+”) symbol next to the exercise name, and it will expand.

Look after yourself and only do what feels safe enough.
Make sure to warm up well. 

Morning Mobility Routine

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Jumping Jacks1 min Go fast and get your your heart rate up!
Cross Crunches1 min
Hip Circles on Back5x each leg & each directionHips stay parallel to floor and tailbone stays on floor at all times!
Hamstring Bridges10xDo not arch lower back. Feet and Knees Hip width apart.
Bent Knee Windshield Wipers10xFeet pointed close to glutes. Knees stay together at all times.
Upper Back Mobility Elbow Raises on Knees2x 8 each sideHips and chest stays parllel to the floor. Look at floor at all times. Do not rotate head with elbow.
Mobility Back Row2x8 each sideCore engages. Weight evenly on both feet
Cat n Cow10xArch and round as much as possible. When round push mid spine towards the ceiling. When arched pull head back, push chest foward by squeezing the shoulder blades behind the back, push shoulders down. Hips stay over knees at all times!
Half Middle Split10xBoth knees, standing foot and pubic bone in line. Move side ways only.
Half Split30sec holdHips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Posterior pelvic tilt. Use wall/chair for balance if necessary
Half Split to Runners Stretch10xFocus on your posterior pelvic tilt in the Half Split position and the anterior pelvic tilt in the Runners Stretch. Keep your shoulders low and look in front at all times!
Active Runners Stretch8xLower back is straight. Core engaged. Working knee is locked. Hips & shouders parallel to the floor.
Active Sphinx10xPush arms into floor. Lower stomach stays on floor. Use back muscles ro raise and pull head back. Shoulders down!

Zoom Call - Handstand Class

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