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After quite some delay I’ve gotten a handle on our IT system and I can finally present your very own coaching Dashboard.
You will be able to find your workouts on the left hand side and some additional information the right!


Happy training


Film these exercises if you want to extend your 1 month program:

  • Bench Zombie Press
  • Bench Zombie To Slow Lower
  • Freestanding Single Leg Isolation
  • Leg Circle
  • Split Back Knee Bent Against the Wall
  • Middle Split

How does it work?

As always with any type of skill training – consistency is key!

  • I would recommend training handstands at least 5x a week
  • the press focused program is quite conditioning heavy. I would recommend doing it twice a week
    • one time half way through the week and one time at the end
    • you can make the exercises harder by going pike instead of straddle
  • If you do not have enough time to do the whole flexibility program every day split it in half
    • do the front split part on press to handstand day in order to warm up your hamstrings

What happens when this month is over

  • This is entirely up to you
  • You can get another, updated 1 month custom program for the same conditions
  • find the paypal link for that on the bottom right on this page and the videos I would like to see on the top right
  • As always please send everything to
  • That is also the best place to reach me if you have any question or concerns


  • The end of this 1 month custom program is also a good moment to switch it up. 
  • If you want to take your experience even deeper reach out and let’s discuss the option of joining our 1on1 online coaching academy!

Your Info

You are currently doing two 1 month custom programs

  • Freestanding Handstand/Press to Handstand
  • Leg Flexibility

Starting date: July 12


✓ Month 1: 180$: Done

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