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Yooo! Thank you all for being part of our first retreat ever. Costa Rica was a dream! And next to the perfect beaches and sunsets, what made it truly epic was teaching you guys. To make sure you all keep on working, here is your post-retreat program. Keep on showing up & training. And if you want to take it to the next level, join the Bachmann team for our 12 week online performing arts coaching program.

Happy training & stay healthy,
Coach Bachmann aka Sascha

P.s. here is also a selection of the photos we have taken during this week. Batch 2 of photos will follow a little later during the week. We are head over heels in gym renovations, getting ready for our big opening February 29th – so things are just a tad slower than usual. Click here for Selection #1

P.p.s. we are going to be hosting a handstand & flexibility retreat only with our good friend Adrian McCavitt during the first week of September. Click here to find out more & shoot us an email to get your name on the mailing list to be the first one to get the details.

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What can you expect?

Beginner: The goal is to establish a good handstand practice and learn how to get comfortable upside down. Over the next weeks you’ll build up a good physical foundation, and improve overall body tension & awareness. 

Advanced: Keep on building a strong technical foundation that will allow you to go after shapes, presses and one arms injury free & efficiently 

How does it work?

For a video walkthrough click here.
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  • This program is split into two different levels + a flexibility routine
  • Schedule at least one rest day a week to give your body a break
  • Modify any exercise or number of reps if too easy or too hard.

Need feedback?

Any time you are training feel free to tag @coachbachmann on instagram to receive some pointers & feedback. 

Had a breakthrough? Let us know! We love hearing and celebrating all the successes. Shoot us a message using the form below (photos & videos are always welcome) 🙂 

Let's celebrate
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