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3 weeks online course

The Press to Handstand Academy is a 3 weeks online course consisting of daily theory lessons and workouts putting what you just learned into action. Over the 21 days you will develop a deep understanding of pressing technique and all the different components of the press to handstand. 

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The actual course might be over after 3 weeks but the real work only begins here. You now know everything there is to know about the press to handstand & it is your time to put the knowledge to action. Repeat the provided workouts or create your own until your press is perfect.

Complete Training

The press to handstand is simple yet complex. You need to be strong, flexible and have a good technical understanding of how to hand balance. In this course you will work all 3 components of the press to handstand making sure you do not miss out on anything!

Press to Handstand

So Simple yet so Complex


Besides the obvious shoulder strength the press to handstand also relies heavily on compression strength. Only by combining both your press to handstand will look and feel elegant and effortless.
Each workout finishes with a strength and conditioning session cycling through different body parts making sure to systematically overload each muscle required for the press to handstand while respecting recovery times. Saturday, the last day of the training week are conditioning focus days to make sure you can squeeze out everything that’s left.


Besides strength the press to handstand requires a fair amount of mobility. You need the minimum required overhead shoulder mobility for handstands, fair amounts of hamstring flexibility and some hip and middle split mobility.
Each day of the academy starts with a warm up that includes some of the most important stretches not only to get you ready for the days workout but to improve your flexibility steadily.
Half way through the week you will find a flex only day to give the shoulders and wrists a chance to recover.


Being strong and flexible alone won’t help you if you don’t know how to use and combine the two. With the help of the daily theory lessons you will develop a strong and profound understanding of proper press to handstand technique. The goal of this course is to turn you into an expert and to give you all the knowledge needed to continue on alone after.


Learning the press to handstand is not easy and at times discouraging. That is where I come into play. The idea of this course is to follow along for the 3 weeks. It will be intense. It is a lot! But it will whip you into shape and kick start your press to handstand progress! I’ll be there all along guiding you through from the start until finish brightening the stories from my time as a gymnast and performer.

Press to Handstand Academy

Lifetime Access
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  • 21 Theory Lessons
  • 18 different Workouts
  • 150+ Exercises and Progressions
  • Lifetime Access
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