Learn to push more

How to

This exercise is all about learning how to really push through your shoulders and engage the traps. In a few weeks you should notice quite a difference.

Start with legs together & using the wall as support. The move on to just going down free standing after a while, then just up, etc.

Think of each step being a one arm handstand and not just a rush to get to the next block or surface.

Way Down

→ Shift your opposite hip over your shoulder.
→ As you shift try and elevate shoulder blades more. Think of this as a one arm handstand.
As your free arm becomes weightless (as a result of shoulder blade elevation), bend the elbow to move the arm. Lift the block and place it out to the side.
You want your free shoulder to stay down, moving up towards your ears/cheek. Don’t pull it away from your ear just because you push through the other arm. If you do, it will mess up your alignment.
As you step down to the ground with one hand, focus again on pushing. Essentially this is another one arm handstand. Shift the hip over, bend the free elbow and move the second block away

Way Up

→ Grab the block and place it right there next to your hand.
→ Once the block is close to your hand, keep the elbows in a slighty bend position.
→ Then shift the weight over (opposite hip over shoulder)
→ Only once the opposite hip is over your shoulder you want to push through the shoulder and elevate your shoulder blades. This should put you right into a nice one arm position.


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