Strength, Flexibility & Handstands.

2 Weeks of daily customized workouts, individual feedback, webinar and closed support chat group.


Improving your straddle handstand won’t happen overnight. We need to increase flexibility, build specific coordination and strength and learn the precise technique. There are lots of moving parts and we all are at different points of our individual journey which is why all workouts are customized towards your specific level.

All workouts come with high definition videos for each exercise accompanied by precise set and rep count.



Through a unique combination of specific warm up protocols, targeted flexibility training and precise handstand technique drills every single aspect of your straddle handstand will improve.
We will combine the passive range gained during the stretching part of the online intensive with active drills later to be use upside down on your hands. Whilst we rest from building new range we will invest into our handstands to get stronger, more stable and build endurance.

Get the coaches direct Feedback

Don’t just follow along. Participate!

Join a private support chat where you can ask all question and with the feedback add on you will be able to upload a daily video with a specific exercise from the workout. Based on this exercise video you will receive direct and individual feedback from the coach.

Learn the true secrets of Straddle Handstands

Understand the whys behind the routine

On day 0 of our online camp you will receive access to a webinar where I will highlight all important details of the straddle handstand. Topics include but are not limited to:


-What is the straddle?
-Why the pancake is simply not enough?
-What kind of flexibility is needed and how to get more flexible?
-Why some exercises will help your middle split but not your straddle
-What kind of strength is needed?
-How to improve your handstand to get the most out of your straddle?
-What are the best exercises for you to improve fast?



Frequently Asked Questions

Am I strong enough to do the exercises?

Absolutely, whilst we might all be working towards the same goals we are all at different stages of our journey which is why all workouts are customized towards your current and individual level.

What happens if I miss a workout?

Absolutely nothing 😉 Life gets busy. I get that! If you miss a day you can simply skip it and redo it later when you have more time or you catch up a day later and simply fall slightly behind the group. Nothing to worry about here!

For how long do I keep access to the workouts & Webinar?

There is no time limit as to how long you will keep access to the workouts. As long as this website exists (and it is here to stay) you will have access.

What equipment do I need to join a group?

Flexibility and Handstand training can be done almost anywhere without much equipment.
The most important thing for the coming workouts is a wall that we can use for training. If you are working out at home I recommend wearing socks in the same color of the wall.

Besides that all you need is a yoga mat, yoga blocks and an elastic for basic conditioning exercises. The blocks can be substituted with anything else that you can use to elevate yourself like for example books.

What are my payment options?

You can check out using your Credit Card or PayPal.
Alternative payment options are available upon request.

I am scared to fall. Will you help me?

Absolutely! Fear or respect for your own body and new things is not just normal but extremely healthy. Together we will identify what exactly scares you and how we can move past this together.
With the help of progressions we will be able to take you towards our final goal in small and comfortable steps.
Additionally, we will be working on bailing drills and exiting strategies to build confidence into your own arms and body.

How will you be helping me with form and proper understanding of the exercises?

Everyone is able to ask questions about the training to the coach directly in a private whatsapp chat.
Additionally, with the Feedback Add On you will get the opportunity to upload a video of a specific exercise from the daily workout. You will receive feedback on the execution of this exercise.

What is the "Plus Feedback" Option I see during check out?

Plus Feedback means that you will gain an extra edge over everyone else. During every single workout you will record yourself doing 1 specific key exercise. This video you will after your workout send to your coach for direct and individual feedback to improve further and accelerate your progress.

Can I incorporate these workouts in my current routine?

Absolutely, you can either dedicate an entire workout session just to doing the daily Stretches and handstand workouts or you can integrate them into your existing workouts. If you are training dance, yoga or something similar I recommend doing these after your usual session as you will be well warmed up. If you are training weights or your regular workouts are very tiring in general I recommend to do the handstand workouts at the beginning of your training!
One piece of advice from the start. These workouts are not what you might be used to when you think of training handstands. The workouts will be tiring and energy consuming. So plan to do slightly less of everything else for 2 weeks.

My name is Sascha Bachmann and I have spend my entire life training, performing and coaching handstands, calisthenics and flexibility.

It is my lives mission to make gymnastics strength styled training available to everybody through clear technical explanations, in detail customized workouts and ongoing coaching support.

Tips from the Coach

Tips from the Coach
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Can you handstand without the wall?



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