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Deload - Mobility

Here is your full workout for today. This overview includes name, reps, and most important cues. IMPORTANT!!  To see the video click the (“+”) symbol next to the exercise name, and it will expand.

Look after yourself and only do what feels safe enough. Rest long enough between sets to be fresh but short enough not to get cold!

Back Rehab Mobility Work

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Bent Knee Windshield Wipers10x each sideFeet pointed close to glutes. Knees stay together at all times.
Hamstring Bridges2x8Do not arch lower back. Feet and Knees Hip width apart.
Half Snow Angels10x each side90 degrees angle in hips & knees. Knees stay together. Do not allow hips to roll back.
Reverse Half Snow Angel10x90 degrees angle in hips & knees. Fully straighten back leg. Do not allow your hip to rotate back.
Upper Back Mobility Elbow Raises on Knees2x10 each sideHips and chest stays parllel to the floor. Look at floor at all times. Do not rotate head with elbow.
Mobility Back Row2x8 each sideCore engages. Weight evenly on both feet
Upper Body Lifts10xHead stays in neutral position. Do not arch back but lift entire back.
Lower Body Lifts10xKnees locked. Feet together. Glutes engaged at all times. Do not externally rotate legs. Upper body stays on floor
Half Superman10x each sideKnees & elbows locked. Lengthen spine as much as possible. Head in neutral position! Don't just lift up but also away from your center.
Rounded Rehab Crunches2x10Go slow & round 1 vertebral at the time.
Legs behind the Head Rehab Touches10xGo slow. Place your arms along the body not under your hips. Lengthen your spine. Knees locked. Feet together

You made it!

You’ve reached the end of this workout. Go use your legs and get food, a drink or whatever else gives you joy! 

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