Handstand Practice Support Group

Here is your warm up for today. This overview includes name, reps, and most important cues. IMPORTANT!!  To see the video click the (“+”) symbol next to the exercise name, and it will expand.

Look after yourself and only do what feels safe enough. Rest long enough between sets to be fresh but short enough not to get cold!

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Your Warm Up Workout

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Extended Burpee6xWork dynamic and intense during the push up and straight jump. Slow it down in the side plank to keep your balance!
Deep Plie2x6Imagine you are in a toaster. You don't want to burn your glutes or your knees. Feet externally rotated.
Forehead to W6xRotate your thumbs up during the W part. Make sure that your elbows are 90 degrees bent and in line with the shoulders. Do not lift the entire upper body. Only lift the elbows and hands.
Chest to Wall Shoulder Lifts6xPush your entire body including chest, core and hips against the wall. Look at your hands. First reach up towards the ceiling to elevate the scapula and then back. If you can not reach back due to a lack of mobility push your armpits towards the wall instead.
Core Engagements on Back2x4With your knees and elbows locked and your head slightly tilted back to look at your hands push your feet and hands as far away from your center as possible. Elevate your scapula to cover your ears and lift your hands and feet sligthly off the floor. Make sure your lower back is pushing against the floor
Elastic Overhead Wrist Curls2x6 each sideDon't just work the wrist but the entire hand all the way until the fingers. Let your hand open and the fingers stretch back. Then make a fist and curl it in.
Prayer Pose Wrist Stretch Rotations6xRotate your wide spread hands infront of your chest towards the front and back.
Push Up Leans2x4Hands shoulder width apart, eblows locked. Lean towards the front moving the shoulders past your fingertips. Keep youre core tigh and parallel to the floor. If needed rotate your hands externally to take preassure of the wrist.

This Weeks Progressions

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Wall Crow Single Leg IsolationsThe StartStay close to the wall. Nothing moves but the working leg. Slide it up against the wall and extend the knee.
Single Leg Tuck SlideLV 2Just like a regular tuck slide but pull down 1 leg at the time. Make sure your shoulders are covering your ears and that your hands, hips and shoulders stay squared at all times. Do not let the pressure of the leg push your shoulders away from the wall, keep your elbows locked and look at your hands!
Tuck SlidesTHIS MUST WORKKnees touch the wall. Knees stay together. Hands shoulder width apart! Look at your hands at all times. Do not round your lower back. Do not close shoulders.
Tuck Take OffThe goalHave your hands slightly further than in a regular tuck slide. Do not lean forward with your shoulders to take the feet off the wall. Instead simply peel the feet off but bending the knees more.
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