DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Lying Rear Deltoid Fly
Relax your hands back on the floor between each rep.
Keep your chest on the floor the entire time and rotate your hands for the thumbs to point towards the ceiling.
Keep your legs engaged but on the floor. Point your feet and make your ankles touch.
Straight to W Back Lift with Elastic
Pull your elbows back past your shoulders, engage your back and lift your chest off the floor.
Keep your feet about shoulder width apart on the floor the entire time.
Move slowly! The longer this takes the more control and strength you will develop!
Shoulder Stretch Wall Slides
6x each
Look at your hands as they slide on the wall.
Once your arms approach the top and begin to lock out push your chest towards the wall for a gentle back stetch.
Keep your shoulders depressed and squared with your hips.
Shoulder Openers on Knees with Bent Elbows - Chin on Chest
Place your chin on your chest and gently push your armpits towards the floor.
Keep your hands close to your shoulder blades at all times.
Keep your knees underneath your hips at all times.
Back to the Wall Shoulder Shrug
Keep your hands shoulder wide apart and lock your elbows.
Mimic the handstand position by tilting your head back slightly and looking up towards the hands.
Engage your core and avoid arching your back as good as you can!
Shoulder Lift - on Floor at Wall
Keep your fingers connected with the wall whilst lifting the hands.
Lock your elbows and look at your hands.
Do not lift your chest off the floor. Isolate the movement into your shoulders.

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