DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Back Lift with Hands by Hips
Keep your head in a neutral position as you lift your entire upper body off the floor.
Keep your feet about shoulder width apart on the floor the entire time.
Move slowly! The longer this takes the more control and strength you will develop!
Forearm Plank Shoulder Burner with Elastic and Foam Roller
Rock your elbows back and forth carefully whilst keeping your body stable.
Engage your core and create 1 straight line from your feet all the way through your neck.
Protract and depress your scapula. Do not allow your shoulder blades to stick out behind.
Foam Roller Lat Stretch at Wall
6x each
Rotate your hands to face each other and keep your shoulders low the entire time. Look at the wall.
Engage your core to keep your back straight and to focus the stretch into your shoulders.
Fully extend your elbows on top and push your armpits towards the wall.
Shoulder Openers on Knees with Bent Elbows - Looking at Elbows
Place your head back looking past your elbows and gently push your armpits towards the floor. Allow your back to arch.
Keep your hands close to your shoulder blades at all times.
Keep your knees underneath your hips at all times.
Active Shoulder Opener on Back
Engage your core and avoid arching your back as good as you can!
Look at your hands and keep them around shoulder width apart.
Lock your elbows.
Kneeling Shoulder Shrug - Chest to Wall
Lock your elbows and look at your hands.
Reach towards the ceiling pushing as tall as you can and cover your ears with your shoulders. Make sure the elastic comes out of the back of your hands like an extension of your fingers and not from the thumb or pinky side.
Go slow on the way down and keep your elbows locked. Both directions matter!

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