DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Sitting Calf Stretch with Elastic
40sec each side

Reverse Wrist Stretch
40sec each side
Use your opposite hand to gently pull your fingertips towards the floor or towards you if mobility allows it moving your wrist into flexion.
Keep your shoulders depressed and squared with your hips.

Biceps Stretch
40sec each side
Look and turn your body sligthly away from the wall to increase the stretch.
Play around with the alignment until you find right position that works for you, stretches and feels good.
Slide into a slightly deeper stretch every time you exhale.
Dynamic Chest Stretch
8x each side
Bend your elbow in a right angle and place it on the wall at the height of your shoulder.
Gently pull your opposite shoulder away from the wall to create a stretch in your chest.
Squat your hips down and back up gently moving the stretch around to find sore spots and to hit a wider target.
Back of Shoulder Stretch at Wall
40sec each side
Rotate your body in the opposite direction to create a stretch in your shoulder.
Play around with the exact height relation between your wall hand and shoulder by sligthly squatting down to find the right angle for you.
Slide into a slightly deeper stretch every time you exhale.
Upper Back Mobility Elbow Raise - on Knees
8x each side
Look at the floor at all times.
Hover your forehead off the floor and keep your glutes close to your heels.
Keep your hips and shoulders perfectly squared and parallel to the floor.
Kneeling Thread the Needle Rotation
4x each side
Reach your floor hand far out towards the side.
Push your forearm into the floor and reach your opposite hand up towards the ceiling to create a rotation in your thoracic spine
Watch the hand as it reaches up towards the ceiling.
Prep for Half Split
40sec each side
Place your hips on top of the back knee and keep them squared with your shoulders at all times.
With every exhale work on lengthening hip flexors and rotate your hips into a deeper posterior pelvic tilt.

Half Split Side Bend
40sec each side

Lotus Forward Stretch
2x40sec each side

Legs behind the Head Rehab Touches

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