DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Straight to W Back Lift against Elastic
First pull your elbows back past your shoulders as far as you can. Only after lift your upper body.
Keep your legs engaged but on the floor. Point your feet and make your ankles touch.
There should be constant pressure and tension on the elastic. Move far enough from the attachment point for the elastic not to hang to the floor as your arms are fully extended.
Shoulder Warm Up with Elastic
4x each
Keep your mid and lower back stable and engaged at all times. Do not arch beyond your chest.
Your wrists stay in the same position towards each other. Do not allow your hands to rotate to eliminate the possibility of your shoulders rotating.
Exhale as you open your shoulders.
Cat n Cow - Elastic Assisted
Place the band around your back with your hands inside it. Use the band not just to create a bigger arch but also as a target to analyze where to arch and where to round.
As you round your back push your hands into the floor and away from you to further round your back.
Imagine pulling the floor towards your knees to support your back for a deeper arch.
Upper Back Cobra - Band Assisted

Alternating Plie with Elastic
4x each side
Especially when returning to the plie your knee needs to guide the movement. First open the knee against the elastic and only allow the hips and upper body to follow after.
In the deep plie your knees need to be in line with the hips, 90 degree bent and on top of the feet.
Externally rotate your feet so that your toes point towards the outside.
Runners Stretch Back Fly with Elastic
8x each side
Keep your shoulders depressed and squared with your hips.
Lengthen your hamstring from both ends by flexing your front foot.
Lock the front knee and push the bottom of the knee towards the floor.
Runners Stretch Flex against Elastic
40sec each side
Keep your hips and shoulders perfectly squared and parallel to the floor.
Place your hips on top of your back knee.
Keep your front knee fully locked and push the bottom of the knee into the floor. Place your hands further in front to increase difficulty.
Sitting Pike Stretch - Elastic Assisted
Focus on your anterior pelvic tilt first. Keep your back slightly arched and reach with your belly button towards your toes.
Keep your legs parallel to each other. Flex your feet and connect your big toes.
Push the bottom of your knees into the floor to lock your knees.
Runners Slide Hip Engagement
8x each side
Place the elastic around your lower back. Push against it as you round your back and let it help you as you arch your back to increase learning and coordination building.
Keep your hips and shoulders squared and parallel to the floor. Especially pay attention to the hip of the moving leg. Do not allow it to rise up.
Fully lock your front knee and push the bottom of the knee towards the floor.
Widest Pancake Side Bend - Elastic behind the Back
30sec each side

Widest Pancake - Elastic behind the Back
Externally rotate your legs so your knees point towards the ceiling.
Reach far towards the front as you lower down into the pancake stretch and focus on keeping your hips in an anterior pelvic tilt.
Aim with your belly button towards the floor in front of you and not with your nose.
Sitting Middle Split - Elastic Behind the Back
Point your feet. Place the elastic close to your heels and around your lower back. Use your glute muscles to actively push the legs open.
Sit upright with a straight back and your legs rotated so that the knees point towards the ceiling.
Use your hands for balance and to create stability.
Rocking Pancake - Elastic Behind Back
Open your legs as wide as possible.
Fully lock both knees. Engage your quads to protect your knees from injuries!
Keep your shoulders low and squared with the hips.
Laying Tilt - Elastic Assisted
30sec each side

Pancake Ronde against Elastic
Arch your back as you fold into the pancake and let your chest guide the movement.
Externally rotate the legs.
Keep your shoulders depressed and squared with your hips.
Plank Frog against Elastic
2x5 each side
Fully externally rotate the working leg.
Pull the knee as high as possible towards your chest in each rep.
Engage your core and create 1 straight line from your feet all the way through your neck.

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