DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
In the pushup position engage your core and create 1 straight line from your feet all the way through your neck.
Place your hands underneath your shoulders with the fingers facing towards the front and the elbows fully locked. Rotate the pit of your elbows 45 degrees towards the front.
Stay strong and engaged as you walk your hands back and return to your standing position.
Extended Burpee
3x each side alternating

1 Legged Good Morning
8x each side
Hold your hips in a slight anterior pelvic tilt, keep your back straight and guide the movement with your coccyx.
"Keep your shoulders low and pull them together in the back. Actively push your elbows back as well. Keep your hips and shoulders squared. "
Move slow and focus on muscle engagement, alignment and balance.
Walking Pike
The anterior pelvic tilt is the most important part of this exercise.
As you move your foot pull your toes up towards your chin and flex your foot.
Keep your knees locked and shoulders squared with the hips at all times.
Runners Stretch Reps
8x each side
Keep your hips on top of the back knee at all times.
Lengthen your hamstring from both ends by flexing your front foot.
Lock the front knee and push the bottom of the knee towards the floor.
Runners Stretch
40sec each side
Keep your hips and shoulders perfectly squared and parallel to the floor.
Place your hips on top of your back knee.
Lock the front knee and push the bottom of the knee towards the floor. Flex your foot pulling your toes towards the chin. Place your hands further towards the front to increase difficulty.
Hamstring Bridge
Push your heels into the floor raising your hips and entire back.
Keep your knees stable and in a constant distance from each other.
In the top position create a straight line from your neck all the way to your knees. Do not arch.
Bent Knee Windshield Wiper
4x each side
Bring your heels as close to your glutes as possible.
Work on keeping your knees together and both shoulders on the floor as you slowly lower your knees to the side.
Exhale as you lower your legs and do not forcefully push them down.
Half Snow Angel
4x each side
Keep your knees on the floor and connected with each other throughout the entire duration of the exercise.
Watch the hand as you draw far reaching half circles and work on keeping your fingers connected with the floor.
Do not allow your hips to drop back or your immobile arm to move.
Straight to W
On the way back stop with your elbows in line with your shoulders and a 90 degree angle in your elbows. Lift your forearms towards the ceiling and squeeze on top for a moment.
Keep your chest on the floor the entire time and rotate your hands for the thumbs to point towards the ceiling.
Keep your legs engaged but on the floor. Point your feet and make your ankles touch.
Elbow Lift
Lift your elbows up as you were trying to make them touch behind your head. Bring them back down slowly. Do not slam them into the floor.
Keep your legs engaged but on the floor. Point your feet and make your ankles touch.
Move slowly! The longer this takes the more control and strength you will develop!
Shoulder Warm Up with Elastic
4x each
Keep your mid and lower back stable and engaged at all times. Do not arch beyond your chest.
Your wrists stay in the same position towards each other. Do not allow your hands to rotate to eliminate the possibility of your shoulders rotating.
Exhale as you open your shoulders.
Shoulder Opener on Knees at Wall
Lock your elbows and slightly depress your shoulders.
Place your knees about hip width apart on the floor underneath your hips.
Slide your hands downwards on the wall allowing your back to arch before than pushing your hips towards the wall to add an additional stretch to your back.
Kneeling Shoulder Shrug - Chest to Wall
Lock your elbows and look at your hands.
Reach towards the ceiling pushing as tall as you can and cover your ears with your shoulders. Make sure the elastic comes out of the back of your hands like an extension of your fingers and not from the thumb or pinky side.
Go slow on the way down and keep your elbows locked. Both directions matter!
Shoulder Lift - Chest to Wall
Keep your quads, hips and chest connected with the wall at all times.
Lock your elbows and look at your hands.

Italian Wrist Curl
12x each side
Using your internal muscles stretch your hands open. Bring your wrist into full extension and spread your fingers wide.
Engage your forearm and hand muscles to make the tips of your fingers touch and curl your wrist into flexion.
Keep your forearm around horizontal.
Backward Facing Wrist Stretch
as needed
Place your hands shoulder width apart on the floor with your fingers pointing towards your knees!
Start with your shoulders in front of your hands and lock out your elbows.
With the entire palm of your hand on the floor slowly bring your shoulders back towards you to increase pressure and wrist extension for a gentle wrist and forearm stretch.

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