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Book to Reverse Push Up

Bent Knee Windshield Wiper
8x each side
Bring your heels as close to your glutes as possible.
Work on keeping your knees together and both shoulders on the floor as you slowly lower your knees to the side.
Exhale as you lower your legs and do not forcefully push them down.
Reverse Half Snow Angel
4x each side
Separate the movement in 2. First extend the leg down, then draw a long circle towards the back.
Take the same movement path on the way back.
Do not allow your hips to rotate and open towards the back.
Half Split Back Knee Straight Rotation
8x each side
Keep your shoulders low as your elbow raises and your trunk rotates.
Look up towards the ceiling whilst keeping the hips perfectly immobile.
Keep your back knee fully locked and your front knee above the foot the entire time.
Shoulder Opener on Floor
Engage your core to keep your back straight. Isolate the stretch into your shoulders.
Lock your elbows and slightly depress your shoulders.
Place your knees about hip width apart on the floor underneath your hips.
Cat n Cow - Elastic Assisted
Place the band around your back with your hands inside it. Use the band not just to create a bigger arch but also as a target to analyze where to arch and where to round.
As you round your back push your hands into the floor and away from you to further round your back.
Imagine pulling the floor towards your knees to support your back for a deeper arch.
Foam Roller Sphinx
Keep your elbows close to your body as you pull them back. Engage your back to keep your upper body at a consistent height.
Keep your shoulders low and head in a neutral position.
Engage your legs and keep your feet about hip width apart.
Cobra Foam Roller Pull
Keep your elbows locked and hands shoulder wide apart.
One by one open each part of your back to its fullest potential before moving on the the next one. Guide the movement with your hands and head head, followed by your chest, mid and finally lower back creating an arch from the very beginning.
Focus on the way back down and begin to relax one part of your back chain at the time in reverse. Keep your back engaged and try to use your arms as little as possible.
Cobra Waves
Squeeze your elbows alongside your body and keep your shoulders low at all times. Your feet should be about hip with apart and your legs engaged.
Focus on the way back down and begin to relax one part of your back chain at the time in reverse. Keep your back engaged and try to use your arms as little as possible.
Move slowly and focus on feeling each part of your back seperately.
Bird Dog
2x4 each side alternating
Avoid lifting your leg too high or allowing your spine to curve past its natural position.
Keep your spine neutral and engage your core to prevent your back from sagging
Move slowly and with control whilst maintaining smooth and even breathing.
Constant Pressure Chair on Back
3x each side alternating
Extend the same side arm and leg simultaneously whilst keeping pressure between the opposite limbs.
Keep your shoulders depressed and squared with your hips at all times.
Suck your belly button in to collect your lower back with the floor.
Legs behind the Head Rehab Touches

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