DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Hamstring Bridge
Push your heels into the floor raising your hips and entire back.
Keep your knees stable and in a constant distance from each other.
In the top position create a straight line from your neck all the way to your knees. Do not arch.
Half Snow Angel
4x each side
Keep your knees on the floor and connected with each other throughout the entire duration of the exercise.
Watch the hand as you draw far reaching half circles and work on keeping your fingers connected with the floor.
Do not allow your hips to drop back or your immobile arm to move.
Kneeling Thread the Needle Rotation
4x each side
Reach your floor hand far out towards the side.
Push your forearm into the floor and reach your opposite hand up towards the ceiling to create a rotation in your thoracic spine
Watch the hand as it reaches up towards the ceiling.
Chest Opener at Wall on Knees

Cat n Cow
Focus on mobilizing your entire spine from the neck all the way to your hips.
As you round your back push your hands into the floor and away from you to further round your back.
Imagine pulling the floor towards your knees to support your back for a deeper arch.
Active Sphinx
Use your back muscles to rise up whilst keeping your belly button and rib cage on the floor.
With your hands firmly on the ground pull your body gently towards the front in the sphinx position as if you were trying to create distance between your ribs.
Keep your shoulders low and squeeze your shoulder blades behind your back for a moment before lowering back down. Fully extend your elbows between each rep.
Cobra - Reps
Squeeze your elbows alongside your body and keep your shoulders low at all times. Your feet should be about hip with apart and your legs engaged.
One by one open each part of your back to its fullest potential before moving on the the next one. Guide the movement with your hands and head head, followed by your chest, mid and finally lower back creating an arch from the very beginning.
Focus on the way back down and begin to relax one part of your back chain at the time in reverse. Keep your back engaged and try to use your arms as little as possible.
Cobra Side to Side

Heels to Sky
Engage your lower abs only to push your heels upwards. Imagine you had a ring of fire around your ankles and you do not want to burn.
Stay slow and controlled on the way back down.
Interlock your hands behind your head and keep your shoulders depressed.
Rounded Rehab Crunch
Gently push your chin into your chest to round your upper back.
Keep your shoulders down, elbows locked and do not use your arms for help.
Keep your knees and feet hip width apart. Place your feet on the floor as close as possible towards your glutes whilst maintain perfect form.

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