Your short

middle split workout

Your short

Middle Split workout

Quick Middle Split Stretches

Walking Pike
20 steps | 2 sets
Standing Diagonal 1 Legged Pike Stretch
30sec | 1 set each side
Side Runners Stretch
30sec | 1 set each side
6x each side alternating | 1 set
Hip Opener
6x | 1 set
Middle Split Slide to Kick
6x | 1 set
Middle Split with Both Knees Bent - Active
30sec | 2 sets
Butterfly on Back
6x each side alternating | 1 set

The entire journey

This program has been designed to keep you busy for a long time. We start at the very beginning prepping the body for basic middle split stretches by isolating each part of the middle split chain.
Once your body starts to losen up we begin to combine the separate parts creating our very first complete middle split routine.
During the final part of the program we focus on combining coordination and end range of motion strength to gain control in this newly gained movement amplitude.
Work your way through from bottom to top or start where ever the program begins to challenge you.

Precise Warm Up for Middle Split

The warm up is the most important part of the training. It is that simple. With this program I am providing you with some of my favorite warm up routines that work especially well for improving the middle split. You are getting follow along flows, high intensity routines and rehab protocols for those rainy days when you simply feel more sore than on others.

Precise breakdown and in depth Analysis

The middle split is so much more than just jumping into a wide straddle and hoping for the best. During this course we take a deep dive analyzing precisely which muscles are involved in the middle split for you to understand how and why we are doing certain stretched. Additionally we will have a closer look at what happens in the most important drills of this program and why the order in which you perform the exercises is so essential.

10-min routines for busy bees

Life gets busy, energy levels vacate and some times we are simply not able to put in a whole session. I get that. I have family, a business, I love my dogs, I love training. We always want to do everything but sometimes this is simply impossible.
This is why I wanted to provide you with a couple extra short stretching routines to do after running home from work or at the end of your regular workout.
While it is essential to dedicate your time to anything that you really want to improve doing something half is significantly better than not doing it at all!

Lifetime Access

Now this program might only be intended to last a couple months you will keep lifetime access to revisit the routines and protocoles when ever you please. Like this you get the chance to keep improving, keep learning and keep pushing far beyond this initial time!

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Back is straight or even sligthly arched. Anterior pelvic tilt. Pull your belly button towards your locked knees.

Turn 1 leg out towards and move the foot towards the side. Keep the other foot facing front. Work on arching your lower back!

Hips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Front foot stays in line with hips. Hands slide out towards the side to create a 45 degrees angle between the upper body and the front leg. Back is straight/ sligthly arched. Anterior pelvic tilt! Hips over back knee. Front knee is locked

Hips and shoulders squared and parallel to the floor. Use your back muscles to rise up. Work on moving the arch from your lower back into your hips.

Both feet pointed. While pushing hips back simultaneously push chest towards the floor

Hips and shoulders stay parallel to the floor at all times. Slide all the way out as far as you can before coming all the way back up to do the kick. The straight leg is facing in front! Do not arch or round your back!

Both knees and hips on 1 straight line. Slowly and mindfully switch between an anterior and posterior pelvic tilt pushing the hips lower with each repetition.

Hips and shoulders stay squared. Feet stay close to the floor.