Middle Split Journey

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Middle Split Journey

This program has been designed to keep you busy for a long time. We start at the very beginning prepping the body for basic middle split stretches by isolating each part of the middle split chain. Once your body starts to losen up we begin to combine the separate parts creating our very first complete middle split routine. During the final part of the program we focus on combining coordination and end range of motion strength to gain control in this newly gained movement amplitude. Work your way through from bottom to top or start where ever the program begins to challenge you.

10 weeks 3 stages

30-90min workoutsBeginner-Intermediate


What you will get

Get your body ready to open up and increase your flexibility before you even start to stretch.

In depth instructions to every single drill will assure that you have everything you need to perfect your execution.

Progressions for all levels. Start slow and work your way up.

Just improving your end range of motion is not enough. Learn to tame the best and develop end range of motion control.

Life gets busy but with the provided 10min workouts you’ll be able to get your stretches in no matter what.


Take advantage of years of experience coaching and helping countless of clients from all walks of live inĀ  achieving their goals.

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