Your free

Beginner handstand warm up

Your free

Beginner handstand warm up

You can do this workout as a warm up before your regular training or as as a complete workout.
Prepare for and train handstands up to 6 times a week. 
Focus on form. Keep your elbows locked and scapula elevated.
Stay consistent!


Body Prep Routine

High Knees
30sec | 2 sets
Plank Superman Combi
8x | 2 sets
Side Plank Reaches
6x each side | 2 sets
Half Split Push Out
30sec each side | 1 set
Assisted 1 Legged Pike Stretch
30sec each side | 1 set
Forehead to W
8x | 2 sets
Back Extensions
8x | 2 sets
Chest to Wall Shoulder Lifts
6x | 2 sets
Core Engagements on Back
5x | 1 set
Tuck on Back
4x | 2 sets
Open Close Hands
12x | 1 set
Prayer Pose Wrist Stretch
6x | 1 set
Prayer Pose Wrist Stretch Rotations
8x | 1 set

From 0 to hero

Together we will work from a regular push up to the chest to wall handstand and beyond until you feel comfortable enough to hold your freestanding handstand. No matter your current level you will find the right workout and get you going!

Complete Programming

Handstands is so much more than just simply standing on your hands. Weekly flexibility routines, conditioning and injury prevention protocols will make sure you stay healthy, well rounded and with nothing between you and your handstand goals.

More than just the Drills

Get full access to over 2h of instructional footage in my knowledgebase to go beyond just doing the drills. Learn and study the precise how’s and why’s to become your own coach!

Customized to your particular needs

After an in depth initial assessment you will get access to your very own customized handstand training plan. Throughout the program you can reassess at any time to keep the customization up to current standarts!

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Light on the toes, knees as high as possible. Posterior pelvic tilt. Go fast and get your your heart rate up!

Focus on stability and balance. Reach as far under as possible and all the way up in each rep. Keep your core engaged.

Hips & Shoulders squared and parallel to the floor. Lower back is straight. Careful not to slip into an anterior pelvic tilt. Start with your front knee over your front heel. From here gently pushing it outwards without changing the position of your hips.

Legs hip width apart. Feet pointing towards the front with locked knees. Lower back is straight or even arched. Work on your anterior pelvic tilt to lengthen the hamstrings!

Rotate your thumbs up during the W part. Make sure that your elbows are 90 degrees bent and in line with the shoulders. Do not lift the entire upper body. Only lift the elbows and hands.

Start by internally rotating your arms so the back rounds and the pinky fingers touch the floor. Then externally rotate the arm, squeeze your shoulder blades together in the back, look up towards the ceiling and engage the whole back lifting the upper body of the floor. Open your legs slightly for this exercise.

Push your entire body including chest, core and hips against the wall. Look at your hands. First reach up towards the ceiling to elevate the scapula and then back. If you can not reach back due to a lack of mobility push your armpits towards the wall instead.

With your knees and elbows locked and your head slightly tilted back to look at your hands push your feet and hands as far away from your center as possible. Elevate your scapula to cover your ears and lift your hands and feet sligthly off the floor. Make sure your lower back is pushing against the floor

Push out tall, keep your lower back on the floor at all times! Look at your hands. Keep your knees together and the feet on the same distance to the floor throughout the whole movement!

Make fists with your hands for warm up. Open your hands fully stretching the wide between each rep.

Place the palms of your hands against each other in front of your chest. Spread your fingers wide and push them down in front of your chest increasing pressure in each rep.

Rotate your wide spread hands infront of your chest towards the front and back.