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Precise Programming in 3 different levels

Depending on where you are currently at the road to the freestanding handstand can be long but do not worry. I will be there with you the entire time. Starting from a regular push up position we work our way up to a chest to wall handstand in the first part of this program. Followed in the second part we drill at the wall to improve technique, strength, overall awareness and confidence in your handstand and entire body. By staying patient at the wall we take the balancing factor out of the equation to get an actual training effect.
Ones the body and mind are properly prepared we move on to the third and final part of this program. Here we slowly start to work our way into the open space leaving the wall behind.

Each workout consists of a full body warm up, prehab drills, stretches, technical handstand training and post workout stretches.
In total you will receive 11 weeks of programming with lifetime access.

exercise library of over 300 drills

In my years of performing and coaching I have traveled the world with a daily passion for movement and an obsession for improving. In this program I have collected the 300 most efficient and useful exercises from various different background to help you get stronger, more mobile, build upside down awareness and increase your feeling for balance. Each exercise comes with a high quality sample video and in detail description.

over 2h of instructional videos

Handstand training is so much more than just simply following along with drills and routines. Understanding how and why you are doing the drills is essential for your success.
This is why I have included over 2h of instructional video footage where I cover everything from in depth technique, limiting points and how to overcome them, general health and recovery advice and much more!

Smart online training system

The smart online workout system knows where you are at in the program and automatically provides you with the following workout. If you are stuck because certain moves are not going well enough yet you can always repeat the workout.
Warm ups, stretches, conditioning and injury prevention drills cycle automatically so you never the exact same workout twice in a row.

How is your handstand at the moment?
How is your shoulder mobility?
How is your Runners Stretch?
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