Customized 1 on 1

Online coaching

Fast track your success with the

Most efficient way of training

Detailed Weekly Form Checks

At the end of every training week you film yourself and upload the requested videos to our servers. Within 48h I write you detailed feedback to all of your exercises, adjust the training program for the coming week with new drills and progressions and send you off into the next week of training.

Customized Programs and Constant Adjustments

1on1 coaching is all about you. All programs are written and designed exclusively for you based on your current level, time and equipment availabilities. Realizing that you have a big work week coming up or planning to go away with the family is also not a problem. Let me know in advance and we adapt the program to make it shorter or longer. What ever suits your lifestyle best!

Chat Support

Got questions throughout the week, want to run an exercise by me while training or simply want to chat about what’s for lunch? Not a problem at all. Through the messaging application of your choice we are connected (almost) 24/7 when ever needed

Combine all of your Goals

The real truth about handstands, flexibility and calisthenics is that the line between them is extremely blurry. Train one and the others will improve with it. Neglect one and it will hold the others back. With 1on1 online coaching you decide your goals, you decide how much of each discipline matters to you and I make sure that all the other bases are covered! I will think long term for you calculating what we need to prepare today for later down the road while you focus on the here and now!

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