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All About That Tuck is a 2 weeks online course consisting of daily theory lessons and workouts putting what you just learned into action. Over the 14 days you will develop a deep understanding of tucking technique and how to keep your hands, shoulders and hips aligned whilst pulling the knees down towards the chest!

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The actual course might be over after 2 weeks but the real work only begins here. You now know everything there is to know now & it is your time to put the knowledge to action. Repeat the provided workouts or create your own until to become more stable, more consistent and simply freer in your handstand.

Advanced Beginners

The tuck handstand is an advanced beginner handstand shape and a great way of continuing the journey after taking the handstand off the wall and starting to balance freestanding. Many exercise in this program do use the wall and other tools to help you balance but having at least a 5 sec freestanding handstand is from great advantage before starting this course.

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The tuck handstand


The unique combination of pulling the knees down towards the chest whilst keeping the shoulder open and stable makes this a complex and more difficult handstand movement. When first thinking about it pulling the knees down and closing the hips should not influence the shoulder joint at all. Yet in practice this looks rather different. Developing the body awareness to separate both joints while being upside down can take time and will be one of the main focuses during this course.


Obviously we need scapular strength in order to keep the shoulders open and body supported. Yet we also need to develop strong hip flexors to pull the knees down while engaging the back to prevent the hips from tilting. All in all we need to build all around strength and control.


Now the tuck handstand is not a contortion position yet we do need to develop adequate overhead mobility to bring the hands, shoulders and hips in one line. If the shoulders close the hips move down and the weight travels into the back of the hand. In a straight handstand you might be able to support this but with the knees by your chest you will end up in a planch before you know it


Just like with anything but especially when practicing handstands consistency is key. The consistency to build a solid and well rounded workout but also the consistency to focus on every set and to make every handstand count.

All About That Tuck

Lifetime Access
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  • Lifetime Access
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