Stalder tool kit


Compression is king when it comes to the Stalder Press to Handstand. Besides the obvious that you have to clear the floor in order to get up you also gain mechanical advantages from pulling the body closer together. For one you will not have to lean your shoulders as much towards the front being able to take some strain out of your wrists.

Shoulder Strength

Stalder Presses require your shoulders to be strong from many different directions. First you need to push down so the legs can lift up from the floor, then you needs to open the shoulders to bring the legs around until the very end where the scapular needs to elevate and resist in oder to stop the movement in the straight handstand.

Hamstring Flexibility

In order to do said compression you first need to be flexible enough. You will never be able to lift your leg past your passive flexibility. So while strengthening we need to make sure we also continue stretching!


At the end of the day it is all about consistency. Especially with the stalder press to handstand. Only the one who can stay consistent for a longer period of time working through all hardships and roadblocks will be rewarded with the Stalder Press to Handstand.
With this Tool Kid You have all the tools. Your success now lays in your own hands.

Stalder Tool Kit

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  • 5 Workouts in Different Levels
  • Conditioning and Flexibility Focus
  • Theory Class Covering all Essential Technical Details
  • 60+ Exercises and Progressions
  • Lifetime Access
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