Core Stability

6 pack abs

A Strong Core is the Foundation of Everything

A strong and stable core is a must for every day life. No matter if you are pushing a shopping cart or lifting the peanut butter jar from the kitchen shelf. A strong core is what supports those movements.
Even more so you need to have a stable center when doing any kinds of physical activities such as running, dancing, handstands, yoga or calisthenics.

Abs come in groups of 6 and more

The awesome thing about a stable core is that it also look great! In Core Stability 6 Pack Abs we don’t just focus on getting strong and stable. We also work on developing lean and well defined 6, 8, 10 or even 12 pack abs.

Post Workout Stretches

In order to grow muscle and to get stronger we need to overload said muscle. After training muscles get sore and stiff which is why affter every core workout we will do quick and essential post workout stretches to help you recover faster and assure you are not losing any of your valuable and hard earned flexibility.

Month Long Workout Plan and Shred Diet

Abs are made in the kitchen. We all know that. Which is why I included the most important nutritional advice and some of my favorite shred diet instructions with this package.

Stability 6 Pack Abs

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