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Middle Split


Middle Splits Help in all Disciplines

The more you can turn your legs into airplane wings the easier it becomes to balance your handstand on 2 but especially on 1 hand. The more active you can open into the full straddle the easier it becomes to pull the legs around and up during the press to handstand and the wider you can open your legs the further you can move your cente of gravity and the bigger your mechanical advantage becomes when doing planches and levers in Calisthenics.
As you see: Middle Splits help in all disciplines.

Learn to Tame the Beast

Being flexible is only half of the deal. Now you need to learn to tame this beast, get controlled and strong.
The unique combination of glutes, adducteur and oblique work is what makes middle split conditioning so desirable. Additionally you need strong hamstrings in order to keep your knees locked in the middle split. So as you see. We have a lot to do!

Improve your Middle Split

By strengthening the muscles you will build coordination and with that improve your technique and automatically be able to open your legs wider.

Stop getting tired with Wobbly Legs

When ever you train handstands 1 of 2 things happens. Option number 1 the legs wobble around, disconnected from the body as if they would not belong to the same person causing you to fail. Or option Number 2 you engage the legs, hold them up, make beautiful shapes and movements, they get tired, heavy, on fire even and you come down.
No matter where you are on this journey Middle Split Conditioning will help you to first develop the needed coordination and later build the strength to pull through until the end!

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