Double your handstand endurance in only 2 weeks

90% of people who were able to hold their handstand between 5-40sec and took part in this 2 weeks intensive were able to double their max endurance hold

Daily workouts focusing on your weaknesses

There are 3 possible reasons why you are not able to stand on your hands for more than a minute. This can be because:
a) You are not strong enough
b) You lose balance and fall
c) You are not focused enough

During these 2 weeks we tackle all of these points improving all of your limiting points!

Technique! Then blood, sweat & tears

While strength and raw power are important the fastest way to your 1 min handstand is by improving your alignment. Making your handstand more efficient will make you more stable and you won’t lose balance as easily, your line will become more efficient and with that easier on your body. You will fatigue significantly slower and get sore less.
Technique gains always come faster than strength gains. Focus on the provided line drills combined with the conditioning protocols and nothing will stand between you and your goal!

Prehab > Rehab

If you work hard you have to recover harder. In order to assure that you can continue to train without having to take extra days off and without getting more sore than needed I have included active recovery day workouts and injury prevention protocols!



1Min & Beyond

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40 Euro
  • 2 weeks online training intensive
  • Opportunity to double your handstand endurance
  • 60+ Exercises and Progressions
  • Lifetime Access
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