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Let's get started!

Hey there 🙂

After things ended with a bang – welcome to Week 2 of your 6 Week Handstand Level 1 Course.
We’ve updated your training and added a few new drills we have covered yesterday. If you have any questions about any of them, or are not seeing the training program properly, drop us a message and we’ll sort it out!

Keep practicing at home, film yourself, and if you want tag your home training on instagram 😀
See you next week!

Quick Access

How does it work?

As with most skills, handstands & flexibility require consistency!

  • Do this program 2x a week
  • For questions, feedback and anything else, write us on IG 🙂

Weekly process:

  • Each week you will join your Level 1 class & learn new drills and cues
  • After that class you’ll find an updated program here, in your online training program.

Your Info

You are currently in Week 2

Start Date: 3. March 2020


✓ 6 Week Course: done

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