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Press Prep Workout

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Press Prep Workout

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Make sure to warm up well before training. It’s ok to break a light sweat before. Stay warm while you work out.
Start by training this routine twice a week but slowly over time add more advanced drills and work your way up to training handstands up to 4 times per week. You should never train press specific conditioning more than 3 times per week. 
Focus on alignment, mind muscle connection and breathing.
Stay consistent!

Specific Warm Up

Forehead to W
6x | 1 set
Back Extensions
6x | 1 set
Shoulder Lifts on Floor
6x | 2 sets

Specific Warm Up Stretches

1 Legged Good Morning
8x each side | 1 set
Laying 1 Legged Hamstring Stretch - with Elastic
10x each side | 1 set
Side Runners Stretch
30sec each side | 1 set

Intro to Presses

Press Leans
6x | 1 set
Forearm Zombie
3x | 2 sets
L Handstand Single Leg Isolations
1x each leg | 2 sets
Half Slide Away
2x | 2 sets


V-Up Combi
4x | 1 set
Prep for Swimmer
6x | 1 set
Kneeling Shoulder Shrugs with Elastic
8x | 1 set
Sitting Leg Lifts
10x | 1 set
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Rotate your thumbs up during the W part. Make sure that your elbows are 90 degrees bent and in line with the shoulders. Do not lift the entire upper body. Only lift the elbows and hands.

Start by internally rotating your arms so the back rounds and the pinky fingers touch the floor. Then externally rotate the arm, squeeze your shoulder blades together in the back, look up towards the ceiling and engage the whole back lifting the upper body of the floor. Open your legs slightly for this exercise.

Look at your hands. Do not arch your back. First reach away from your to elevate your scapula. Only after lift the hands off the floor.

Back is straight. Hips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Push hips backwards while going down.

Pull your knee as close as possible to the chest and keep it there the whole time. Make sure to fully lock your knee every time!

Hips & shoulders parallel to the floor. Front foot stays in line with hips. Hands slide out towards the side to create a 45 degrees angle between the upper body and the front leg. Back is straight/ sligthly arched. Anterior pelvic tilt! Hips over back knee. Front knee is locked

Hands shoulder width apart, eblows locked. Lean towards the front pushing the index finger into the floor. You should be able to feel the weight lifting out of your feet transferring into your hands.

Keep your back straight and point your feet. Have a look around the room and see where to do these. The more your feet slide the better. Bring the hips as high as possible every time and the feet as close as possible to the elbows. Do not allow your head to touch the floor!

Elbows locked. Hands, shoulders & hips in 1 line. Bring the foot right above. Do not externally rotate the leg. Move slow!

Start with your body in a perfectly straight line. Feet are the only thing touching the wall. Look at your hands and push out tall. Elbows locked. Move your shoulders to the front and slide the feet down the wall. When you are about to fall over stop and push your feet back up on the wall back to your starting position. Do not pull your hips during this movement. Do not arch your back. The only position change should be in the shoulders!

Left, Right, Both, Both = 1 Rep. Knees locked, back straight!

Open your legs dynamically. Arch your back and let your chest guide the movement. Externally rotate the legs and close them between each rep.

Look at hands. Elbows locked. Hands shoulder width apart. Extra slow on way down

Start with hands between the knees but work on getting them between your hands. The further infront the better! Back is straight! Shoudlers down!