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Join me for on July 22&23 for a training packed weekend at Physicality DC in Washington DC for Handstand Level 1, Handstand Level 2, Flexibility and Calisthenic Weekend Intensives.
All events are in 2 parts with the first half happening on Saturday followed by the second half of the event on Sunday. All participants will receive event specific online programming highlighting the most important techniques and exercises discussed during the weekend.
Ticket price includes admission to both days. Whilst it is not mandatory it is recommended to attend both days.

July 22&23 – Physicality DC – 1371 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002, USA


The Level 1 provides an introductory education and training on the fundamental principles of handstands. It is the starting point for anyone seeking to learn to handstand and to take the handstand off the wall. You will learn how to structure your training, which progressions are right for you and how to get over possible limiting points such as mobility or fear.
July 22&23 9:00-11:00


The Level 2 build upon a solid handstand foundation and is designed for any handstand athlete who wants to refine their technical skills, increase the difficulty of their practice and learn the foundational steps and theory of the one arm handstand, Press to handstand and Stalder Press. There will be wall progressions of all exercises provided during the workshop.
July 22&23 13:30-16:00 


The all level 2-Day Flexibility Workshop will help you build a strong understanding for how goal specific flexibility is developed and maintained. We will take a deep dive into different flexibility techniques, how to warm up to increase the effectiveness of your training, how and why you must scale exercises to suit your level and especially how to cool down after your stretches to assure longevity. 
July 22&23 11:30-13:00 


The Calisthenics weekend intensive consists of a pull and a push day. Each starts with a theory block with plenty of room for questions where training methodology, goal specific exercises and their progressions are discussed. The practical part of each day focuses on warm ups, injury prevention protocols, finding the right progression for every athlete and direct feedback from the coach.
July 22&23 16:30-18:30 

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Get Comfortable on Your Hands!
A Beginner Handstand Workshop Weekend

This 2 day beginner workshop focuses on the fundamentals of hand balancing with an emphasis on safety and technique. It is aimed at those who have little to no experience doing handstands. During day 1 we take a deep dive into different warm up strategies, stretches, base technique and conditioning.
Day 2 is for training, more drills and especially for personal feedback.

The main topics of this workshop will be:
*How to prepare and strengthen the body for a successful practice
*Exercises/Drills to learn and improve your straight handstand
*Specific mobility & injury prevention
*Programming and how to modify exercises and drills to suit various levels

This workshop is suitable for those who want to learn how to get into and out of a handstand safely, whether at the wall or freestanding. With the exercises covered, you’ll be able to keep practicing and improving by yourself at home after the event.

In order to expand your experience, you will get access to a free online video training program based on the exercises done during our time together.

What's Next?
Intermediate Handstand Workshop Weekend

In this 2 day workshop, you will be equipped with the tools you need to improve and expand your freestanding handstand, and take the first steps to more advanced moves like the one arm handstand. We will be focusing on solidifying your two arm technique, and show you drills to help you transition into more advanced skills.

Some of the topics we will cover during this workshops include:

*Identifying & addressing any weak spots in technique, flexibility or strength to help you break through any plateaus
*Playing with handstand shapes to improve alignment & sense of balance
*Introducing various handstand mounts & kick ups
*Step by step progressions to straddle & pike presses
*Introduction to block work & One Arm Handstand practice

While day 1 focuses on introducing the concepts and techniques day 2 is there to deepen your experience and to provide in lots of individual coaching and feedback,

This event is for you if you want to take your handstand practice to the next level and learn drills that highlight correct technique, build endurance and strength needed for hand balancing. Prerequisites : 20-30 second free standing handstand, no current wrist or shoulder injury.

In order to expand your experience, you will get access to a free online video training program based on the exercises done during our time together.

for everyone!

Each day starts with a short but highly informative theory section. You will learn about flexibility methodology, what to pay attention to when stretching and how to properly plan efficient flexibility training.

This newly gained knowledge will be put to work right away. During the main part of each day we will see first hand how a well calculated warm up will not just help you to stay healthy and injury free but will also prepare all joints and muscles for the coming stretches so you are already more flexible before you even start your workout.

During the course of this weekend you will develop a completely new understanding for flexibility and functionality of your body. Working on your mobility will teach you how each part of your body is connected in one long chain and how each part depends on another. The training will show for example on your own body how working on your Front Splits can drastically influence your back bending flexibility and how often limiting factors are not even level of flexibility but simply coordination and technique.


To assure a positive training effect lasting far beyond this weekend and to minimize the necessity of note taking during the weekend you will receive an online training plan with videos highlighting the most important exercises of the weekend.

This workshop is right for you if you want to truly understand how to stretch goal oriented, how to make your flexibility training more efficient and how to break through existing plateaus and to raise your mobility to the next level. With the exercises, warm up protocols and cool down methods provided you will be able to continue your flexibility journey efficiently at home whilst minimizing the risk for injuries.

Gymnastics Strength VS. Bodyweight BodyBuilding

The field of bodyweight strength is huge. During this workshop we start with a bit of theory exploring different ways to divide the subject. We will analyze the difference between skill oriented bodyweight training and bodyweight bodybuilding and how to achieve each.

We then start with a precise warm up including injury prevention protocols, necessary stretches to make movements efficient and awareness drills.
During the next hour we will work our way through different body weight drills and progressions with big attention to form to ensure efficiency and longevity.

Some of the topics we will cover during this workshops include:

*Warm Up & Injury Prevention
*Plateau Breaking strategies
*Bent Arm Press Progressions
*Straight arm pulling skills from Skin the Cat to Levers
*Muscle Ups

All exercises will be provided in multiple levels to suit all levels.

This workshop is suitable for you if you want to learn how to improve your strength and fitness through bodyweight strength only, if you are trying to break existing plateaus in your gymnastics strength practice or if you are looking for help with specific strength skills.

In order to expand your experience, you will get access to a free online video training program based on the exercises done during our time together.