Straddle coaching group week 2 - tuesday

straddle coaching group week 2 - tuesday

General Warm Up

8-12 Min of low impact high intensity warm up Break a sweat!

Hamstring Prep

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Sitting Adducteur Rollingas needed
Alternating Front Lunges8x each sideFocus on your posture. Keep your back straight, shoulders depressed and chest up.
Keep your feet in line with the hips.
Place your weight equally between your feet and keep your hips in a slight posterior pelvic tilt.
In every step bring your back knee close to the floor but do not let it touch the floor.
Alternating Plie Jumps6x each sideSeparate the jump from the turn. Freeze in between to stay in control at all times.
Keep your hips low as you swap between the plie and the half kneeling position.
As you jump fully lock your knees, point your feet and keep your legs externally rotated.
Externally rotate your feet so that your toes point towards the outside.
External Rotation Extension8xSeparate your movements. Do not allow the legs to move or rotate as you extend the legs and keep the angle solid as you rotate the legs inside of the hips.
Keep your back straight. Do not arch it during retraction or round it during protraction.
Depress your shoulders and keep them squared with your shoulders.
Lying 90 Degree Sissors10x each sideStay quick and dynamic. Go as fast as you can whilst staying clean and in control.
Fully lock your knees and keep them locked at all times.
Square your hips and your shoulders.
Engage your core to stabilize your position.

Hamstring Stretches

Middle Split Stretches

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