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Warm Up Stretches

Rest between sets: None
Intensity: LightPress Coordination Warm Up

Rest between sets: As Needed
Intensity: Moderate | Focus on form

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Active 1 Legged Pike Stretch & Hold on Back
10x pull & 10 sec Hold
Actively pull the foot towards your face using your hip flexor muscles.
Keep your shoulders depressed and on the floor.
Keep your back straight and keep the opposite knee locked.
Downward Dog Arch Hold
8sec each side
Fully lock both knees and make sure they do not point towards the side.
Pull your elbows down towards the floor and your chest towards your ankle.
Engage your back as if you were trying to arch it.
Stalder Training

Rest between sets: As Needed
Intensity: Moderate | Leave 2 reps in reserve in each set

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Take Off to Press to Handstand
Focus on compression first. When your feet first leave the blocks keep them shoulder width apart. The goal is to push the hips up and in the direction of the anterior pelvic tilt whilst the shoulders move back in line on top of the hands. Use your hip flexors to keep as much compression as possible.
All that is left from here is to bring the legs around. Your hips and shoulders should not have to move anymore.
Place your hands shoulder width apart on the floor with your fingers facing towards the front! Lock your elbows and rotate their pits towards the front. Elevate your scapula!
Chest to Wall Press without Touching the Wall
The closer you come to the wall the more compression is required and the harder the drill becomes.
Make sure not to compensate by leaning your shoulders more towards the front as usually.
Engage your legs! Lock your knees, point your feet and squeeze the water out of them.
Press Tap Press from 1 Block
Only when you can not pull any lower lean your shoulders towards the front sligthly and drop your hips to gently tap the blocks.
Press back up using the same pathways but in reverse. First re-establish your hand, shoulder, hip line with a slight anterior pelvic tilt and the feet still pulled down to your face, then bring your legs around and un-compress.
Keep your elbows locked, elevate your scapula and straighten your knees!
Extreme Chest to Wall Leg Lifts
When you return to the wall first open your shoulders fully and then untighten your hip flexors to bring the heels back to the wall. If your heels touch the wall whilst you open the shoulders you know you did not properly hold your compression.
Start with your hands, shoulders and hips vertically aligned with only feet touching the wall. The exact distance to the wall will depend on your current level of flexibility.
Engage your legs! Lock your knees, point your feet and squeeze the water out of them.
Chest to Wall Press, Lower to Stalder

Hold this extreme amount of compression as you lean your shoulders towards the front and lower to the stalder.
Go as slow as possible and try to stay in control the entire time! If you feel like you are about to lose control: Stop and simply try to freeze in place!
Stalder Conditioning

Rest between sets: 1-2 min
Intensity: Elevated | Leave only 1 rep in reserve in each set

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
L Sit to Half Stalder Press
2x1 each side
Lift your hips high enough in each rep for your leg to clear the arm. You want the leg to move around the arm whilst staying fully compressed!
Hit the Half Stalder Position properly in each rep. Lift your legs, depress your scapula, look up and show a long neck!
Fully lock your elbows. This is a straight arm skill! Treat it as such!
Tuck Planche Pull Take Offs
Protract and depress your scapula. Do not allow your shoulder blades to stick out behind. Round your back as you pull into the tuck.
As your knees reach your chest resist with your shoulders and take your feet off the floor. Squeeze for a moment and push your hips upwards before returning to the floor.
Lock your elbows fully. This is a straight arm drill! Rotate the pits of your elbows about 45 degrees towards the front. Externally rotate your hands to ease the pressure on your wrists.
Stalder Lift Offs with Elevated Glutes
Lift your feet first or at least at the same time as the glutes. Do not lift your glutes whilst your feet remain on the floor.
The goal is for the knees to be slightly higher than the hips and for the glutes to be above the elbows. Compress! Imagine the floor is lava and you are trying to get away!
Keep your elbows locked the entire time. On top of each rep push your shoulders down as much as possible.
Sitting Leg Lifts From Blocks
2x12 & 10sec hold
Work with strength only. Do not slam your feet into the floor on the way back down.
Lock your knees and point your feet!
Exhale as you lift your legs.

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