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Warm Up Stretches

Rest between sets: None
Intensity: LightPress Coordination Warm Up

Rest between sets: As Needed
Intensity: Moderate | Focus on form

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Pike Press Prep
2x6 each side
As you shift your hips back pull the toes of your straight leg up towards your face.
When lean forward load your hands and push your index fingers into the floor. Use your back muscles to pull your hips towards the anterior pelvic tilt.
Bend your elbows and pull your chin towards your toes as your hips rise.
Walking Dog
4x each side
Focus on your anterior pelvic tilt first. Keep your back slightly arched and reach with your belly button towards your toes.
Squeeze your shoulder blades behind your back to open your chest.
Fully lock both knees and make sure they do not point towards the side.
Stalder Training

Rest between sets: As Needed
Intensity: Moderate | Leave 2 reps in reserve in each set

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Press from Standing Lower to Stalder
When lowering separation of movement is key. First bring your legs around and pull your feet down using your hips flexors. Keep your shoulders open and your hips in a slight anterior pelvic tilt.
Only when you can not pull any lower lean your shoulders towards the front sligthly and start lowering your hips. Use your hip flexors and compression muscles to pull on your legs hard.
Go as slow as possible and try to stay in control the entire time! If you feel like you are about to lose control: Stop and simply try to freeze in place!
Partial Chest to Wall Stalder Press
When pressing up focus on compression first. The goal is to fully align the hips and shoulders on top of the hands before the heels touch the wall.
Fully lock your elbows. This is a straight arm skill! Treat it as such!
Lock your knees and point your feet!
Band Assisted Stalder Press
Once the your hips are all the way up use your back muscle to pull your hips into a slight anterior pelvic tilt and bring your shoulders back in line between your hands and hips. Lastly just bring your legs around.
Focus on the way back down. Keep separating your movements and go as slow and as compressed as possible.
Fully lock your elbows. This is a straight arm skill! Treat it as such!
Stalder Conditioning

Rest between sets: 1-2 min
Intensity: Elevated | Leave only 1 rep in reserve in each set

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Tuck Planche Pull to Handstand
Keep your back rounded as you push up to the handstand. Do not arch your back or pull your head up. This should feel as if you were rolling into the handstand. Make sure to hit a well aligned handstand after every rep.
Protract and depress your scapula to be able to fight gravity, protect yourself from injuries and to use your shoulders to their fullest potential.
Lock your elbows! This is a straight arm drill. If you are not training on parallettes consider externally rotating your hands to ease pressure on your wrists.
Stalder to Standing with Bent Knees
Lift your hips high enough for your feet to clear the bars without unpiking at the hips. The goal is obviously to perform this skill with straight legs one day so challenge yourself today and lift your hips as high as possible.
Fully lock your elbows. This is a straight arm skill! Treat it as such!
Don't forget about the lower from the standing. The dedicated athlete will first press upwards a tiny bit after taking the feet off the bars before lowering in a slow and controlled manner.
L Sit to Half Stalder Press
2x2 each side
Lift your hips high enough in each rep for your leg to clear the arm. You want the leg to move around the arm whilst staying fully compressed!
Hit the Half Stalder Position properly in each rep. Lift your legs, depress your scapula, look up and show a long neck!
Fully lock your elbows. This is a straight arm skill! Treat it as such!
Stalder Lift Offs with Elevated Glutes
Lift your feet first or at least at the same time as the glutes. Do not lift your glutes whilst your feet remain on the floor.
The goal is for the knees to be slightly higher than the hips and for the glutes to be above the elbows. Compress! Imagine the floor is lava and you are trying to get away!
Keep your elbows locked the entire time. On top of each rep push your shoulders down as much as possible.
Stalder Leg Lifts
Push your shoulders down. Show your neck long and proud like a swan.
Use your hip flexors and core compression muscles to lift the legs. In the same time stabilize your body with your shoulders.
Use blocks, books, parallettes or anything similar to elevate your hands. This will create room for your hips and make things easier.

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