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Press To Handstand Academy

The press to handstand is one of the most desired goals there is when it comes to handstands. The unique combination of strength, flexibility and technique is what makes the press to handstand so fascinating. During the 3 stages of this course we will focus on breaking the movement down to its core working on each part of the press to handstand separately before putting everything back together towards the end. This program focuses on combining specific conditioning with goal oriented flexibility workouts and precise technical training.

18 workouts 18 Theory Lessons

30-90min workoutsIntermediate


What you will get

From warm up, through prehab, technical training and conditioning. Nothing gets left behind.


In depth instructions to every single drill will assure that you have everything you need to perfect your execution.


Improve your specific flexibility in order to take you to your handstand goals on the fast lane.


In the exclusive knowledgebase you will lean everything there is to know about technique, the do’s and do not’s.


Use this opportunity to grab multiple programs at once for extra gains and a special discount.



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