Week 2 Day 4


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Back Conditioning

Rest between sets: as needed
Intensity: Moderate

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Wide Floor Pull Ups

Lower Body Lifts on Stomach with Bent Knees

Standing Lower Back Extensions

Superman Straddles

Static Rear Deltoid Towel Pull in 5 Positions
4sec pull per position | 2 rounds of 5 positions

Lying Rear Deltoid Flies
Relax your hands back on the floor between each rep.
Keep your chest on the floor the entire time and rotate your hands for the thumbs to point towards the ceiling.
Keep your legs engaged but on the floor. Point your feet and make your ankles touch.
Bird Dog
2x6 each side alternating
Avoid lifting your leg too high or allowing your spine to curve past its natural position.
Keep your spine neutral and engage your core to prevent your back from sagging
Move slowly and with control whilst maintaining smooth and even breathing.
Back to Wall W to Y
Place your feet hip width apart on the floor with minimal distance to the wall.
Only place your hands on the wall if your shoulder mobility allows it. Whilst the goal is for the entire forearms to be on the wall eventually this particular exercise should not be a stretch.
Do not arch your back or stick your ribs out. Work on keeping your entire back connected with the wall.
Alternating Back Reaching Upper Body Lifts on Stomach
8x each side

Superman Hold

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