Week 1 Day 4


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Back Conditioning

Rest between sets: as needed
Intensity: Moderate

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
W Back Pulls with Elastic
First pull your elbows back past your shoulders as far as you can. Only after lift your upper body.
Keep your legs engaged but on the floor. Point your feet and make your ankles touch.
There should be constant pressure and tension on the elastic. Move far enough from the attachment point for the elastic not to hang to the floor as your arms are fully extended.
Standing Asymetric & Static Back Row
Use the second arm to perform a wide single arm back row.
Keep your shoulders down and level at all times.
Place your feet on the floor about hip width apart and bend your knees sligthly.
Perform 2 sets of the following exercises alternating
Standing Elastic Face Pull
Grab the elastic in an overhand grip so that the top of your hands faces towards the back at the top of the movement and that your hands are connected to each other through the thumb side.
Keep your shoulders low and squeeze your shoulder blades behind your back.
Use an elastic strong enough to challenge you towards the end of the set but make sure form stays high throughout the entire duration of the drill.
Lower Body Lifts on Stomach
Squeeze for a moment on top of the lift.
Place your hips in a slight posterior pelvic tilt and engage your core to stabilize your hips.
Lock your knees, point your feet and squeeze your legs together.
Continue working through the exercises in regular order
Kneeling Extended Single Arm Lat Push Down with Band
Focus on keeping your hips and shoulders squared and parallel to the floor.
Bend your elbow sligthly.
For greater muscle activation picture your lat working through the range of motion. Work on your mind muscle connection.
Perform 2 sets of the following exercises alternating
Heavy Single Arm Back Flies on all 4
6-12x each side
Keep your shoulders level and bend your elbows sligthly.
Squeeze your shoulder blade up at the top position of the movement.
Exhale and brace as your raise your arm.
Bird Dog
6x each side alternating
Avoid lifting your leg too high or allowing your spine to curve past its natural position.
Keep your spine neutral and engage your core to prevent your back from sagging
Move slowly and with control whilst maintaining smooth and even breathing.

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