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Hi Noah!

I personally feel what needs to happen now is to pump up the training volume and go crazy with the sets and reps. This has proven to help the most at your level of handstands. Now I know this is not your style so we will continue like this. But be aware. At this point you have to do a lot to really develop a feeling for it. The more time you spend upside down and with these drills the more they become “natural” for your brain! You’re close. And ones you break through you will properly break through. Not with random quick photo opportunity yoga style holds but with control and glory kinda holds!

Happy handstanding,

Last Week’s Feedback:

Deep side bends

These are getting nice. Don’t allow any micro bends to happen in your elbows. Also start aiming for 2 and 3 each side instead of just 1 time per set

Vertical block walks

Ah man. Why you gotta do me like this? Why do you come down? That’s like as if this dude who ran the fastest marathon would have said like 200m before the finish line: you know what boys. Let’s do it next time. 

That is crazy! You’ve suffered until then. Don’t throw it all away. Give yourself that feeling of success!

Besides that I am obviously quite happy. I mean twice you almost made it 2 times down and back up. You are still struggling a bit with the details. On the right side you need to side bend a bit more. On the left the free shoulder still comes towards the camera when you raise on your fingertip which makes your hips turn. It’s small details that make a huge difference

Lateral walks

Not bad at all. Here you can really see how you pull your free shoulder forward on the left. On that step when you come down you even miss the block with the hand and hit the floor in front of the block. Side bending on the right is better. In general your legs are starting to stay outside a lot more when moving the hand. You are really getting there. Well done! 

To Film this Week:

  • Weighted pancake stretch
  • Sitting one legged pike stretch
  • Sitting Middle split with elastic behind back
  • Lateral walks
  • Vertical walks
  • Deep side bends
  • Stretched out fingertip holds
  • One handed L handstand shrugs

How does it work?

For flexibility just like handstands – consistency is key! 

  • Don’t do the handstand program more than 6x/week
  • Try & do the big stretching program 3x/week 
  • For questions, feedback and anything else, write me on IG 🙂

Weekly process:

  • Each Sunday/Monday you’ll receive a list of Exercises to film
  • Film & Upload until each following Friday to this folder
  • Receive feedback on videos the following Sunday/Monday; find it here 
  • Receive program changes until the following Sunday/Monday

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Start Date: Monday, October 14th
End Date: Tuesday, April 14th


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