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One Arm Handstand - First Steps Workout

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One Arm Handstand - First Steps Workout

Make sure you do a general warm up and work on your basic 2 arm drills before getting started with the one arm training. 
When it comes to One Arm Handstands consistency is key. Slowly over time work your way up to training specifically for the One Arm Handstand up to 6 days per week. 
Focus on form. Keep your elbows locked and scapula elevated.
Have fun!



DemoExerciseSets & RepsHow to/Cues
Lateral Leg Isolations from Straight2x2 each leg alternatingFocus on moving 1 leg at the time exclusively! Externally rotate the leg as soon as you move it!
2on2 Half Slide Away1x3If you do not have blocks place your hands on the floor as close to each other as possible!
2on2 Slide Away2x2Connect your 2 blocks touching each other side by side on the floor. If you do not have blocks place your hands on the floor only having the side of the index finger and side of the thumbs touch each other. You can also cross your thumbs. Lean your shoulders towards the front sliding the feet down the wall. When your weight is all the way in front take the feet off the wall and push up into a straight handstand. Hold it for a moment and then drop back towards the wall with a solid and completely straight body. Do not pike at your hips. Do not arch your back!
Miami Hold Narrow3x5sec each sideFloor hand almost touches the block. Block elbow bent. Shoulders and hips parallel to the floor!
Standing Side Bends1x5 each side alternatingHips parallel to floor. Core engaged. Shoulders down. Do not rotate. Imagine you are in a toaster and don't want to burn yourself.
One Legged Kneeling Side Bends1x4 each sideKeep the outside of the hip right above the bent knee. Externally rotate the straight leg so the knee faces towards the ceiling. Do not rotate. Push your bottom pit towards the front.
Small Side Bends - Wall3x2 each sideStart small and isolate the movement between the last rib and the hips. Keep both feet against the wall at all times. Keep the distance between the shoulders and the wall equal. Do not move your head or shift your gaze!
Lateral Wall Walks - Legs Together1x6 steps each wayEvery time you take a step try getting a little bit taller. I should visually be able to see that difference! Make sure to keep your free shoulder low!
Miami Slide Away2x2 each sideBend your block elbow sligthly so both scapula can be fully elevated and parallel to the floor. Start closer to the wall and do not pike your hips!

True Technical Breakdown

The main problem with one arm handstands really is that no one has broken them down and truly analyzed the technical details of the movement. Until today! Learn and truly understand each valuable detail and work you way through progressions to master each aspect of the one arm handstand!

Complete Programming

Handstands is so much more than just simply standing on your hands. Each workout start with an injury prevention warm up and stretches, followed by technical training and conditioning at the end.

More than just the Drills

Training is obviously important when it comes to mastering the OAHS but becomes completely useless if you do not know what you are doing and why! Every workout start with a short theory lesson about exercises introduced during the following workout to assure you perfectly prepared for upcoming challenges.

Prehab > Rehab

If you work hard you have to recover harder. In order to assure that you can continue to train without having to take extra days off and without getting more sore than needed I have included active recovery day workouts and injury prevention protocols!

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