Middle Split Revolution

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Stage 1

Prepare to Work

Welcome to the new world. Take your first step and build a strong foundation for what’s to come. Learn the movement patterns and terminology of the middle split.

Stage 2

Get to Know your Enemy

Analyze, focus on and overcome your week spots. By breaking the middle split apart you will be able to make goal specific gains whilst balancing your efforts across your workouts.

Stage 3

Introducing the hard work

Work your way up the latter of progressions, increase intensity and turn up the heat whilst assuring correct alignment and technique through advanced exercises.

Stage 4

Time to Shine

The time has come. All your hard work is paying off. Take the separate parts of the middle split and puzzle it back together. Reach new heights and push past limits previously thought to be unbreakable.

Stage 5

The mean stuff

Incorporate active stretches and external stressors. Work on more advanced progressions to further advance your expertise and squeeze out additional gains.

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