Technical Overview

Before working on anything we need to understand what we are working on. I’ve included a short instructional video on top of the workout to share a bit of know how, tips and tricks so you are well prepared before even starting your training.

Warm Up

Just like with all kinds of workouts the warm up is absolutely essential. We will start with some low impact, full body exercises to get you sweating and prepared for the upcoming stretches.
The warmer you are the easier it will be to make flexibility gains so make sure to wear some extra close and put the heater on high!

Flexibility Drills

The main part of this workout is obviously the stretching part. We will work on different drills to isolate all the different aspects of the middle split before putting everything together towards the end.


Getting lose and flexible is great but you also want to be able to control this newly gained end range of motion which is why I have included a couple specific conditioning exercises towards the end of the workout. Get flexible. Get strong. Stay in control!


Last but not least. The one part that is absolutely essential and should never be skipped. Rehab and prehab exercises. No matter what you are training it is most likely demanding on the body. We have to make sure we give the body a chance to stay healthy and well balanced. Including prehab exercises at the end of the workout will do exactly that while also helping you recover faster before your next session.

Hey there,

My name is Sascha Bachmann and I have spend my life training, competing, performing and studying gymnastics, hand balancing and bodyweight strength. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field I am more than excited to get the opportunity to pass on everything that I have learned from so many outstanding coaches from around the world to you virtually today.

Welcome to my world. If you ever get lost, have questions or simply want to chat. Reach out!

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