Middle split coaching group week 2 - Friday

Specific Warm Up

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Sitting Adducteur Rollingas neededPlace the foam roller on the inside of your thigh to roll and massage your adductor muscles.
Keep your quad approximately in a 90 degrees angle in the hips.
Focus on the worked muscle and actively relax it.
Keep your knee 90 degrees bent and the shin about parallel to the floor.
Lateral Knee Stability Lunges10x each sideStand sideways to the attachment point and attach the elastic at about knee height.
Using your adductors and general stability muscles to resist the pressure of the band pulling your knee out.
Keep your hips and shoulders perfectly squared and parallel to the floor.
Plie Jumps10xExternally rotate your feet on the floor and legs inside of the hips. Engage your core and straighten your back.
In the bottom position of your plie your knees should be on top of your feet and level with your hips.
Push your knees towards the back and your hips towards the front. Imagine you are in a toaster and to not want to burn yourself.
As you jump fully lock your knees, point your feet and keep your legs externally rotated.
Lying 90 Degree Sissors40secStay quick and dynamic. Go as fast as you can whilst staying clean and in control.
Fully lock your knees and keep them locked at all times.
Square your hips and your shoulders.
Engage your core to stabilize your position.
Hip Opener with Yoga Block on Stomach40sec each sideEngage your core to prevent your lower back from arching. Isolate the stretch into your hip flexor.
Keep your hips parallel to the floor and squared with your shoulders.
Lock your extended knee and keep your knees close to each other.
With every exhale slide into a deeper stretch.

Hamstring Stretches

Middle Split Stretches

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