Middle split coaching group week 2 - Thursday

Specific Warm Up

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Sitting Adducteur Rollingas neededPlace the foam roller on the inside of your thigh to roll and massage your adductor muscles.
Keep your quad approximately in a 90 degrees angle in the hips.
Focus on the worked muscle and actively relax it.
Keep your knee 90 degrees bent and the shin about parallel to the floor.
Side Lunges6x each side alternatingPlace both feet fully on the floor and keep them parallel to each other.
Lock your extended knee fully.
Keep your shoulders depressed, squared with your hips and parallel to the floor.
Squat low. Bring your hips towards the floor whilst keeping your upper body as straight as possible.
Alternating Calf Raises in Deep Plie8x each side alternatingPlace your feet on the floor wide enough so that at the bottom of your plie the knees are on top of the center of your feet.
As you plie down imagine you were in a toaster. Push your knees back and hips towards the front. Your knees should travel out on top of your toes.
Keep your hips low as you raise on your tippy toes. Only your heel and knee should raise. Feel the burn! This should be hard!
Externally rotate your feet on the floor. Keep your hips and shoulders perfectly squared and in line.
Hip Opener with Yoga Block on Stomach40sec each sideEngage your core to prevent your lower back from arching. Isolate the stretch into your hip flexor.
Keep your hips parallel to the floor and squared with your shoulders.
Lock your extended knee and keep your knees close to each other.
With every exhale slide into a deeper stretch.
External Rotation Extension6xSeparate your movements. Do not allow the legs to move or rotate as you extend the legs and keep the angle solid as you rotate the legs inside of the hips.
Keep your back straight. Do not arch it during retraction or round it during protraction.
Depress your shoulders and keep them squared with your shoulders.

Hamstring Stretches

Middle Split Stretches

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