Middle split coaching group week 1 - monday

Specific Warm Up

DemoExerciseReps/SetsHow to/Cues
Sitting Adducteur Rolling1minPlace the foam roller on the inside of your thigh to roll and massage your adductor muscles.
Keep your quad approximately in a 90 degrees angle in the hips.
Focus on the worked muscle and actively relax it.
Keep your knee 90 degrees bent and the shin about parallel to the floor.
Sitting Box Squat20xFind a box that is slightly higher than your knees so that as you sit down you are parallel to the floor or higher.
Stay in control at all times and do not fall back onto the box. Take the same path back up that you took on your way down. Avoid using momentum to get off the box.
Extend your arms out towards the front for balance and a slight counterweight. Try to keep your back straight.
Screw your feet into the floor. Do not allow your knees to fall inwards as you squat.
Side Lunges10xPlace both feet fully on the floor and keep them parallel to each other.
Lock your extended knee fully.
Keep your shoulders depressed, squared with your hips and parallel to the floor.
Squat low. Bring your hips towards the floor whilst keeping your upper body as straight as possible.
Lying 90 Degree Sissors30secStay quick and dynamic. Go as fast as you can whilst staying clean and in control.
Fully lock your knees and keep them locked at all times.
Square your hips and your shoulders.
Engage your core to stabilize your position.

Hamstring Stretches

Middle Split Stretches

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