Drilling the Wall

How to Handstand

Drilling the Wall

How to handstand

General Warm Up


Wrists Prep

Handstand Technique Training

Wall Crow
8sec | 1 set
Wall Crow Push Outs
3x | 1 set
Wall Crow Single Leg Isolations
2x each leg | 2 sets
Wall Crow Leg Isolations
1x each leg | 2 sets
Crow Walk Away
2x each leg | 2 sets


Post Workout Stretches

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Step up against the wall 1 leg at the time. Hands shoulder wide apart. Keep your elbows locked and scapula elevated. Look at your hands at all times.

Push your hips away from the wall slightly so they end up on top of the hands and shoulders. Do not allow your shoulders to move towards the front during this push out.

Stay close to the wall. Nothing moves but the working leg. Slide it up against the wall and extend the knee.

Bring the second leg up to join the first one. Keep your scapula elevated and core engaged. Nothing touches the wall but the feet. Look at your hands.

Walk away from the wall after the chest to wall handstand. Skip the wall crow position on the way down and take at least 6 steps with your hands.