From 0 to wall

How to Handstand

from 0 to wall

How to handstand

General Warm Up


Wrists Prep

Handstand Technique Training

Push Up Hold
15sec | 1 set
Push Up Walks - Feet elevated on 2 Blocks
2x | 2 sets
Wall Crow
3x | 1 set


Post Workout Stretches

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Hands shoulder with apart. Elbows are locked. Core is engaged. Do not pike at your hips and do not allow your shoulder blades to stick out in the back.

Walk your hands towards your feet. Keep your shoulders over your hands at all times. Do not come through a downward dog position! Keep your scapula elevated and bend your knees slightly in case of reduced hamstring mobility.

Step up against the wall 1 leg at the time. Hands shoulder wide apart. Keep your elbows locked and scapula elevated. Look at your hands at all times.