|  FREE LIVE WEBINAR  |  Sunday June 18th  |  5pm GMT+1

| Free Live Webinar |
Sunday June 18th | 5pm GMT+1

Complete guide to the Press to Handstand

Learn everything there is to know about the press to handstand, its requirements and how to train for long term success.

Press to handstand Webinar



Sunday, June 19th at 5pm London Time



Live on the web for invited guests only.



Learn how to train for and finally get your Press to Handstand



Receive the most efficient Press drills directly into your inbox upon sign up.

What you will Gain

Precise Technique

Many roads lead to Rome but only one is the fastest and most direct. And it is exactly this road that I am planning on taking you on for your Press to Handstand journey.

Limiting Points

Find out about about possible road blocks and how you can overcome what is holding you back.

Training Systems

Learn how to plan your Press to Handstand workouts, what exactly you have to train in order to succeed and how to incorporate these workouts into your weekly routine.


Make instant gains whilst keeping health and sustainability in mind. Only a healthy body is able to push ahead.

| Free Live Webinar |
Sunday June 18th | 5pm GMT+1

| Free Live Webinar | Sunday June 18th | 5pm GMT+1
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